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Mauritius. June ’17

9 June 2017 This time I went for a boat party after we arrived to the hotel, around 14h/15h. We were 12, plus the two boat drivers. Each of us paid either 1000 or 1500 Mauritian Rupees (can't seem to... Continue Reading →


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. June ’17

3 June 2017 I'm back in Rio! This time I went for an helicopter tour around the city with two other colleagues. Almost one year flying as my full-time job but it was going to be my first time ever... Continue Reading →

Buenos Aires, Argentina. May ’17

6 May 2017 Yesterday I was in Rio, today I'm in Buenos Aires. One day I was speaking Portuguese, the next day Spanish. Funny but this trip was actually very good for me to improve my communication skills. By being... Continue Reading →

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. May ’17

3 May 2017 We landed in the afternoon. The weather was good, not too hot, not cold at all, and the hotel had a very nice location, just in front of the beach, in Barra da Tijuca. We decided to... Continue Reading →

Seychelles. Apr ’17

28 April 2017 Landed in Seychelles at 6:30 and was ready for our 15h layover. Yes, it was only 15h, so I had only a few hours left to enjoy this sunny island before coming back to Dubai. The sun... Continue Reading →

Mauritius. Apr ’17

13-14 and 16-17 April 2017 Welcome to Paradise!! (OMG! This is the most amazing place ever! Please take me back and let me stay here for a few months!) I was lucky enough to come here two times in a... Continue Reading →

Bali, Indonesia. Apr ’17

8 April 2017 This time I woke up even earlier than usual so I could enjoy the very nice breakfast at the hotel before going on a tour with 9 other crew. The breakfast was totally worth it! They had... Continue Reading →

Good weather, great wine. Porto, Apr ’17

2 April 2017 Location: Alfândega do Porto, Ribeira, Serralves and Terminal 4450. The sun was bright and the temperature's hot for a mere Spring day. We started the day by the Alfândega do Porto, where we left the car, and... Continue Reading →

Yellow Submarine. Ericeira, Mar ’17

30 March 2017 Location: Ericeira. The smell of the sea was intense. The wind was blowing fearfully and the waves were rushing to get inside the land, although uninvited. It was chilly and the city was almost deserted. A few... Continue Reading →

Lime Green. Lisbon, Mar ’17

29 March 2017 Location: Olivais and Parque das Nações. Outfit details: Shirt: Unknown (bought in a street market in Guangzhou, China) Jeans: Primark Bag: Marla London Sneakers: Gucci XOXO, Inês

Auckland, New Zealand. Mar ’17

21 March 2017 7h in the morning. I went down for the breakfast buffet, which was very nice btw, and there I met with the people I was gonna go with to the Hobbiton Tour. We did it in a road... Continue Reading →

Red Panda. Lisbon, Mar ’17

14 March 2017 Location: São Jorge de Arroios, Miradouro da Graça and Lisboa Marriott Hotel. Went home for a day. It didn't rain but the weather was still cold, at least for me. The sun kept hiding itself behind the... Continue Reading →

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