13 August 2016

Two months after coming to Dubai, I got my first roster. After a turnaround flight, I got to see Vienna, the capital of Austria, for a 24h layover. It was the first time I was visiting this city, alone, and I just couldn’t be more happy that I was finally doing what I came here to do.

I went out with a colleague and together we explored the streets of this European city.

We had lunch in the city center and we head out to the Belvedere Palace, an amazing palace with the most wonderful garden and where we got to see the sun going down, giving us a perfect sunset picture.

The sky was cloudy but the temperature was warm and perfect for a not too hot summer day.

Definitely a place to come back to.

viena-1FullSizeRender.jpgviena 2.jpgviena3.jpgIMG_20160813_163851 19.29.08.jpgIMG_20160828_011442 19.29.08.jpgIMG_20160813_200820.jpgviennaaavienna5.jpg

XOXO, Inês