22 August 2016

On my second layover, it was time to go to the other side of the world!

I landed in Melbourne, the capital and most populous city of the Australian state of Victoria. I got to spend two days there, and although August means summer for the rest of the world, in Australia, we are right at the very last month of winter.

So, just like it was expected, it rained a lot during the first day and the wind was blowing furiously!

I didn’t want to go far away from the hotel so I decided to have lunch right in the city center, where I had a very tasty burger and I got to see some of the graffiti and art work on the walls.

Then I decided to head out to the Flinders Street Station, where I found the usual souvenirs, like postcards and magnets, and also some delicious Australian macadamia nuts.


Moving on to the second day, I decided to have pancakes for breakfast, along with one of my colleagues and finding them seemed the hardest task here in Melbourne!

It almost didn’t rain that day, fortunately, because we spent around two hours looking for a place where we could eat those very desired pancakes! It’s true, we were in the city center, surrounded by cafés and pastry shops and none of them had pancakes included in the menu!

Finally we found a place, out of nowhere and when we were about to give up, and they were delicious! Along with a a Nutella cappuccino, our breakfast just couldn’t get better!

After that we decided to walk our way to a local market and then pay a visit to the Melbourne Museum.

Such a lovely place, with so much to see! Definitely a place to come to if you wanna know more about this beautiful continent!


XOXO, Inês