17 February 2017

09:30. The day started with breakfast at the hotel. Mine included coffee, juice, pancakes, cakes, and asian food, of course.


After that, it was time to go to the Batu Caves, along with other 4 colleagues of mine.

We took the taxi from the hotel and arrived there around 12h. The place is full of markets with clothes, shoes, jewelry and home decor. I actually bought my dress there, since we found out, after landing in Kuala Lumpur, that to be able to go inside the Caves we have to wear something long enough to cover our knees and I didn’t have anything like that packed in my suitcase.

At the end of that trail of markets we can see the statue of Lord Murugan and it is extraordinary! It’s golden color, made from actual gold, matches the color of the surroundings and its amazing tall structure makes you realize how short people really are!

The weather was extremely hot and humid and you could see some people covering themselves with umbrellas.


The monkeys are also part of the attraction since they walk freely up and down the staircase and they actually live inside the Caves.


At the top of the staircase, the view is breathtaking!


We spent almost 2h there and finally head back to the hotel. The taxi driver dropped us off at the Petronas Towers, since most of us wanted to go to the Mall and do some shopping.

It was a really beautiful day and the sun was always shining bright!


Outfit details

Dress: unknown

Bag and sneakers: Primark

XOXO, Inês