8 February 2017

We arrived at the hotel around 13h30, so that could only mean one thing: lunch time!

I went with another colleague of mine to this street food market, with a lot of different food stations from around the world. It was really nice! The place was very modern and traditional at the same time and also very cozy, despite the negative temperature that we could feel outside.

I found this weather to be very lovely actually, and I believe it was the first time I’ve experienced this kind of snow. It wasn’t just on the floor, it was actually snowing and with the wind blowing, I could feel the snow in my face for a few moments.

After lunch, we crossed the canal to the other side and, after a warm coffee at this coffee shop/restaurant right next it, we finally took that boat trip.

Unfortunately, it was just too cold for me to get off the boat and take pictures of the view and the monuments we were passing by… Also, I was trying not to fall asleep, but don’t tell that to the guide.

At 18h, with the sun nowhere to be found and the darkness of the night coming through, it was time to head back to the hotel and rest.


I had to take a picture of this, it was just too funny:


Outfit details

Jacket: Pull & Bear

Shirt: Cortefiel

Jeans and scarf: Primark

Boots: Foreva

Bag: Parfois

XOXO, Inês