2 September 2016

Even though we landed around 16h30, the traffic in Manila was so bad that by the time we arrived at the hotel we were all starving and just wanted to have dinner.

I went out with four other colleagues and we found this place very near to the hotel with traditional filipino food, very cheap prices and an even better atmosphere. The food was amazing, the staff were very friendly and after half and hour of being there the place turned into a night club!

We were having dinner while the DJ was right beside us playing R&B and Dance songs. It was so fun!


The next day we all decided to take a tour. It would take us to the Taal Volcano, while riding a horse to the top. It’s actually a very much active volcano and I couldn’t believe I was going to have the change to step foot on it!

We left the hotel around 6 a.m. with the tour guide and it took us around 2h to get to this small village where we took a boat to the volcano island.

The view was breathtaking! Everything about the island was! The weather was very warm and humid but the colors, oh my! Everything was so blue and green! So pure! The mountains, the water, the grass! It was a real living paradise!


After reaching the top of the volcano, we went to this natural spring water pool for a while and then the people from the island had this amazing buffet ready for us! They are the most lovely people ever! Every filipino is!

And we had such an amazing day! I just wanted to stay there for the rest of it but we had to come back to the hotel after lunch and get ready for the flight back. It took us another 3h or more to get back because the traffic was even worse than before!

After a couple of hours it was already time to leave and come back to Dubai…


Outfit details:

Romper, sneakers, bag and sunglasses: Primark

Bikini top: Tezenis

XOXO, Inês