9 September 2016

We landed around lunch time so I decided, along with a few other colleagues, to explore a little bit of the city before the sun went down. The temperature was warm and the sun was shining bright!

It was also my first time in China so I was pretty excited!


20 minutes walking and we ended up at this mall, the Yinchuan Jinfeng Wanda Plaza.

Around it there were a few street shops where people were selling fruits and other kinds of food and I stopped at this one to get something to eat.

It’s very hard to communicate in this city, as most people don’t know any English and everything is written in Chinese but I could see the cook preparing the food for another customer so I asked for the same. It was like a fried puff pastry with all sort of things inside and it was actually really good! And so cheap!

At the entrance of the mall we decided to split because everyone wanted to go to different stores and we said we would meet up again in an hour or so.

On the second floor I found this Japanese store called Miniso, with so many different items, from beauty to makeup, from jewelry to house items and OMG, it didn’t cost a penny! I kinda lost my mind and spent a lot of money in there!

When we got together again we decided to go to this bar/café outside the mall and try some local Chinese beers. At this place we met the cutest little boy ever! He was sitting next to us and didn’t say a word the whole time. He just sat there looking and we tried to start a conversation with him. We were trying to talk to him, laugh, ask him to join us for a picture…

Later we found out his parents owned this restaurant in front of the bar, as we went there to have a bite before heading back to the hotel.


The next morning I joined the breakfast buffet in the hotel. The most amazing buffet so far! There was so much variety of food I didn’t know where to start.


After breakfast we went for this tour that would take us around 4 different places: the Sand Lake Scenic Resort, the Helan Mountain Rock Art, the Western Film Studio and finally the Yinchuan Botanical Garden.

We head off to the first place, along with 4 other people we didn’t know. Everything the guide tour was saying was in Chinese so we didn’t understand and she couldn’t speak any English… The only way we could communicate with her was from an app she had on her phone and it was used only for the basic stuff.

When we got there we took a boat ride to the other side. The weather was super warm but the wind blowing across our faces was positively refreshing.


There were even camels at this place! I never in my mind thought about finding camels in China but here they were:


After that, we took the boat ride back to where we started, head back to the car and went to see the rock carvings in the mountain. On the way there, the view was absolutely amazing!

Once again, I admit I wasn’t expecting to see all these natural surroundings, all this nature around me, with the mountains, the blue sky and the river just passing by. It was very relaxing.


For the third stop, we finally went to the place I was most excited about! The Western Film Studio, where over 200 movies were shot. It was huge! So much to see and do that it was actually overwhelming! We stayed there for a couple of hours before going to the last stop.


Take a look at this crazy chair (ahaha):


After the film studio we went to the Botanical Garden for a while but there wasn’t much to see and the guide that worked there could only speak Chinese so we didn’t understand what he was saying about the garden and the seeds they plant there.

My colleagues decided to have some tea at this café at the entrance of the Garden and I just walked around for a bit.

An hour later we head back to the hotel, the tour was over and I was feeling pretty exhausted. I went to grab some food at a local supermarket and fell asleep shortly after.

The next morning I went down again for breakfast (of course I couldn’t miss it), walked around the city and did a little bit more shopping.


Outfit details:

Top: Splash

Jeans, sneakers and bag: Primark

XOXO, Inês