11 March 2017

As we landed around 20h and the hotel is not near the hotel but exactly inside of it, I decided, along with 6 other crew to go out and have dinner. Some of them knew about this very nice restaurant that actually has a driver to pick us up at the hotel and so we all met for dinner at 21h, local time.

The place was full and had a nice atmosphere. A lot of big groups, talking, laughing, enjoying their food. I had a pizza, of course, along with some fresh mussels and a bottle of sweet white wine.

The food was very tasty! And the wine, called La Caudrina, was simply perfect!


The next day was all about shopping!

I went down around 9 in the morning for the breakfast buffet where I met two other colleagues, as we had decided the day before to go together to the city center and, later on, around 10h30, with another girl by the hotel lobby.


To go to the city center we needed to take the train just next to the hotel. The return ticket is 20€, which I think is expensive, since it only takes us around 30 minutes to get there.

The last station is called Cardona, the one where we got out, but we still had to walk another 10 minutes to get to Piazza del Duomo. Right there is the famous cathedral and the Galeria Vittorio Emanuele, also very famous because of all it’s luxury and designer shops.

The city was quite crowded! It was a Saturday and the streets were filled with turists and local people. The sun was shining and the temperature was warm. It was a very lovely day to spend outside walking.

I had actually wanted to come specifically here, to Milan and to the Galeria, to buy these Gucci sneakers I fell in love with since I’ve seen them on the website, around two months ago.

After I bought them, all the other girls wanted to buy their own things so we walked to the La Rinascente, a ten-storey department store/mall with the most prestigious luxury brands. More shops like the ones we saw in the Galeria, but this time divided by categories and floors. The girls bought some things there and then we head out to the last place, the Chanel store, in Via Sant’Andrea.

I was amazed at how all these expensive shops were always full of people! Milan is really one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world! It really is THE city for shopping!

After Chanel, we finally took the metro and then the train back to the hotel. We were actually getting a bit late, since we needed to be ready at 19h30 to work the flight back to Dubai, and so we rushed to get back as soon as possible.

We still had quite an adventure at the airport, trying to get some tax refund money back but we eventually managed to do get it done and I was back in my hotel room at 18h.


Outfit details:

Sweater: Unknown (bought in a street market in Bangkok, Thailand)

Jacket and jeans: Primark

Boots: Foreva

Bag: Parfois

XOXO, Inês