21 March 2017

7h in the morning. I went down for the breakfast buffet, which was very nice btw, and there I met with the people I was gonna go with to the Hobbiton Tour.

We did it in a road trip kind of way. The plan was to rent a car and go to Matamata, where you can take the tour bus that will get you inside the Hobbiton Movie Set, the place where they filmed both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. To be completely honest, I’ve only watched one of the movies and I actually never read any of the books (sad, I know), but this is one of those things that you need to see/do when you come to Auckland so I knew I was gonna go there one day, eventually. And why not today?!

We started our trip around 9h30, I believe, and it took us around 2h30 to get to Matamata. It was a nice drive. It was not one of the most sunniest days ever and it seemed like it was going to rain a lot of the times but it didn’t. The sky was greyish but all the lands around were green and colorful. We passed by cows, sheep, horses and even small houses in the middle of nowhere.




When we got to Matamata we took the bus to Hobbiton and stayed there for a couple of hours. The tour guides told us all these funny facts about the construction of the place, how Peter Jackson had people building an artificial tree for over than 10 months, only for it to be seen in one of the movies for no longer than 15 seconds… Or the fact that some houses and their doors were actually smaller than others, only to make the actors look taller, for the sake of their characters.

And the weather was so much nicer there! It was quite warm and the sun was shining bright. The sky was also clear. It was a lovely day to spend outside!


The final stop of the tour was The Green Dragon Inn, the meeting place for all residents of Hobbiton, kind of like a pub, where they offered us one of their famous drinks: the Girdley Fine Grain, the Sackville Cider, the Oatbarton Brew, and the Frogmorton Ginger Beer.



After the tour, we decided to go for lunch at this nice Italian restaurant in Matamata. Can’t seem to remember the name, sorry. The food was sooo good and this little town seemed so nice and peaceful. For a second I forgot I was there on a layover and not on a real vacation.

We began our drive back to the hotel soon after and it took us a little longer than before because there was traffic in the city center at that time.

We arrived a little before 20h and for dinner I decided to order in a plate of New Zealand mussels and a baby caesar salad to my room. I was too tired to go outside.

On the next day I went to the gym, early in the morning, and then again for the breakfast buffet. I think it was around 9h30 when I finished everything so I went outside for a little bit. I was planing to do some shopping but I found out that everything is so much more expensive there than in the rest of the world so I just bought some necessities and came back to the hotel. There I decided to take one last nap before the 16h flight back to Dubai.

Outfit details:

Top, jeans and leather jacket: Primark

Sneakers: Nike

Bag: Marla London

Sunglasses: Unknown (bought them in a street market in Casablanca, Morocco)

Earrings: Miniso

XOXO, Inês