30 March 2017

Location: Ericeira.

The smell of the sea was intense. The wind was blowing fearfully and the waves were rushing to get inside the land, although uninvited.

It was chilly and the city was almost deserted. A few shops were open but it looked like no one lived there. A few tourists and young people wondered the streets but there was nothing much happening.

I like to come to Ericeira because it’s the perfect place to eat seafood and that’s exactly what I did for dinner. A big plate of fresh crabs, prawns, whelks and so much more was served and I couldn’t feel more satisfied.


Outfit details:

Shirt: Unknown (bought in a street market in Bangkok, Thailand)

Jeans and jacket: Primark

Sneakers: Gucci

Bag: Guess

Sunglasses: Emporio Armani

Watch: Swarovski

X0X0, Inês