2 April 2017

Location: Alfândega do Porto, Ribeira, Serralves and Terminal 4450.

The sun was bright and the temperature’s hot for a mere Spring day.

We started the day by the Alfândega do Porto, where we left the car, and walked until we couldn’t see the roads anymore, considering how much they were filled with tourists and local families spending this nice Sunday outside. 

The city is beautiful and so full of life! 

We had lunch by the famous Ribeira, in one of the many restaurants there, and enjoyed the nice view to the Douro river. Needless to say that the meals are overpriced and you are paying that much money because of the location, not the food. 


Later that day we went to Serralves, one of the most important cultural institutions in the country. 

We decided to visit only the park and skip the house and the museum (we were not really in the mood for all that) and, even though there’s an entrance fee of 5€, we didn’t stay for long. 

There was really not that much to see or do. It felt just like any other park, where you go to take a walk and relax for a bit. Maybe do some kind of sport or have a nice picnic with your family. 


To finish the day and before heading back to the hotel we went to this amazing restaurant called Terminal 4450, rated 5 out of 5 by the Zomato app, located in Leça da Palmeira.

I could see where all the good reviews came from. The food, the staff, the atmosphere of the place. Everything was so wonderful! Really worth the try, especially if you’re having the T-bone steak like me and my boyfriend did. 

Here’s a sneak peak of our lovely dinner:


After dinner we came back to the hotel and soon after I fell asleep like a rock eheh 😉

In the next day, it was time to head back to Lisbon and my short holiday was almost over…

Outfit details:

Blouse: Bershka

Skirt: Unknown (bought in a street market in Bangkok, Thailand)

Jacket and boots: Primark

Bag: Marla London

Watch: Swarovski

Sunglasses: Emporio Armani

XOXO, Inês