13-14 and 16-17 April 2017

Welcome to Paradise!!

(OMG! This is the most amazing place ever! Please take me back and let me stay here for a few months!)

I was lucky enough to come here two times in a row, to this amazing island and resort, the Shandrani Resort & Spa. This beautiful hotel has it’s own private peninsula, surrounded by three gorgeous beaches.

On the first night, I went for a couple of drinks with the crew, before and after dinner. The buffet was good and had a nice selection of fruits. There’s a bar next to the restaurant and around 22h00 they have live music which was also very nice and chill.

But the second buffet was even better! When I arrived there again (3 days later) it was Easter Day (or Night) so they had a lot of seafood and chocolate, including giant chocolate eggs that you could take with you, chocolate almonds with all these different colours and even a chocolate fountain!

In the morning I went for the breakfast buffet and this happened on both times I stayed there. It’s held in the same restaurant where you have dinner and it good. Nothing special but still good.


After breakfast I went to this Aqua Gym class that was happening in one of the pools (yes, they have more than one), at 11h00. I went with 3 other colleagues and we had such a great time there! All the classes and water sports in the Resort are free of charge so you can join anytime you want (you just got to make sure there’s still room for you, since some of them require you to register first).

After the class we stayed by the beach, sipping coconut water out from real coconuts, enjoying our time without a care in the world. It was like a mini vacation to me. I felt so grateful, I couldn’t believe this was my job!


On the second time I was there, just 3 days later, I went for snorkeling with 3 other girls at 11h00, after having breakfast. To be honest, it wasn’t the most amazing thing because there was not that many fish around, actually, but it was still pretty good.

They took us by boat, along with more people that had signed up for it, and stopped a few meters after, in the middle of this crystal clear water, with nothing but green trees around. We stayed there for 30 minutes, swimming through the corals and then we got back to the boat and later on back to the beach where we first took of.

The water has just the right temperature. Not too cold nor too hot. And so was the outside temperature.


After snorkeling we went to this wild beach, even better than the others. Nice waves and the same clear, transparent water that surrounds the whole island.

We took photos, swam and relaxed. What a beautiful day! What a magical place! What a life!


Just before heading back to our rooms we went to the bar and ordered some food, while chatting about this and that. We were starving!

At 20h it was time to leave the Resort and come back to Dubai.

I definitely would have stayed longer and I sure can’t wait to go back!

OFF TOPIC: I’m thinking about doing an international giveaway. I want to start a beauty/makeup channel, apart from this blog, and I think it would be nice to celebrate it with that. What do you guys think? Comment below 🙂

Outfit details:

Swimsuits: Fio Rosa 1Fio Rosa 2

Sunglasses: Emporio Armani

Sarong and flip flops: Havaianas

Bag: Marla London

XOXO, Inês