28 April 2017

Landed in Seychelles at 6:30 and was ready for our 15h layover.

Yes, it was only 15h, so I had only a few hours left to enjoy this sunny island before coming back to Dubai.

The sun was shining and the outside temperature was perfect.


The hotel is located in the marina of Eden Island, and the view is quite beautiful. There’s a pool just next to it and it was mostly where I stayed for the day. There’s no beach but you can take a free shuttle from the hotel that will take you to the nearest one.

The hotel has a few shops, cafés, restaurants and even a supermarket so I decided to buy my usual postcards/magnets, some food and even a cute little beach bag. It was raining during that time, from 9:00 to 10:00, but it got sunny again.


After I missed the first “beach bus” that leaves at 10:00, I decided to stay in the hotel and enjoy my time by the pool. I still wanted to have time to rest before the flight and thought it was best to stay.

The breakfast was quite disappointing, though. There was nothing to eat and at lunch time I was starving. The lunch was better but still, the service wasn’t the greatest.


Even though the food wasn’t the best, I had fun. The pool was very nice and the water temperature was just perfect!

I did nothing all day, except to relax and fall asleep by the pool. What more could I ask for, right?!

It was the perfect end to this month’s roster!!

PS: What about you? Was this month as good to you as it was to me?

Outfit details:

Crochet top: Unknown (handmade, bought in Bali)

Bikini bottom: Unknown (gift from Brazil)

Sunglasses: Emporio Armani

XOXO, Inês