3 May 2017

We landed in the afternoon. The weather was good, not too hot, not cold at all, and the hotel had a very nice location, just in front of the beach, in Barra da Tijuca.

We decided to go for dinner at 18h, I believe. I know right, that’s way to early to have dinner but we just did a 14h flight and I was suuuuper tired so I really just wanted to eat something and go to bed. Glad everyone felt the same way. Of course, most of the crew decided to stay longer and have a few drinks but not me ahah.

We took 5 Ubers cause we were 16 at the dinner table. 16! First time I see such a big number of crew coming together for something other than the flight itself.

We went to this place called Na Brasa Columbia, 10 minutes drive from the hotel. I heard about this place when I was just leaving the aircraft, after we landed in Rio, from a Brazilian crew and decided to check out the place.

The food was amazing!! I asked for the traditional picanha, which was coming with rice and farofa as side dishes. The servings were huge! I was sharing my meal with another girl and still it was too much for the both of us. At the end, we all had way too much food on the table… The price was reasonable but still a little more expensive than I was expecting.

After dinner, I decided to catch another Uber back to the hotel, along with two other girlsΒ and finally sleep! Each time we paid around 15 Reais, to give you an idea.

The next day I woke up super early, around 6h, I believe. I couldn’t sleep more. It was the jet lag in one part but for most of it I was too excited (and scared) ofΒ what I was planning to do in a couple of hours.

Everyone knows, at least in the crew community, that if you come to Rio de Janeiro you really have to go for hang gliding! It’s a must! And of course, since I’m afraid of heights, I just couldn’t sleep thinking about whether I should really go or just give up while I still had time.

I finally decided to jump (out of the bed) and meet the rest of the crew downstairs.

Marcelo was the guy that was gonna take us there. He always comes to the hotel to pick the crew up at 8h and he’s a trainer himself. He briefed us about the whole thing, how it’s normal to be scared and later on I got the chance to “jump” with him. It was gonna costs us 530 Reais for everything.

At the end it was freaking amazing!! And beautiful!!

He went with another girl first so I had to wait for him to come up again so the anticipation was growing and growing inside of me! I thought to myself several times “why am I doing this?!” but then I just thought that this is a once in a lifetime experience and since I’m already here I can’t give up now!!

I swiped away all of the negative thoughts in my mind, concentrated in the beautiful view and looked at the skyline the whole time, just like Marcelo told us to do. When he told me to start running that’s what I did until there was no more ground to run in!

I felt so safe up there, it was unbelievable. The view was gorgeous and I can’t really describe it but I felt so alive!!

I felt so silly for being so afraid before and after it was over I just wanted to do it all over again ahah

Take a look at some of my pictures and hopefully they will inspire you πŸ™‚ The hand glider had two GoPro attached to it and you get all the photos and videos at the end.


After landing on the beach and sipping some coconut water we came back to the hotel.

It was time to fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and stay there for another day.

Outfit details:

Top:Β Forever 21

Shorts: Sfera

Sneakers: Primark

6 May 2017

We came back to Rio around midnight.

This time we went for a tour. The driver, Sauro, came to pick us up the next morning at the hotel around 9h30. The van costs 500 Reais and it can take up to 15 people, if I’m not mistaken. We were 6 so each one of us paid around 84.

Oh man, we went everywhere!!

First to Cristo Redentor (Christ, the Redeemer); then to the SambΓ³dromo (Sambadrome MarquΓͺs de SapucaΓ­), the most famous place for Samba parades/shows during the Carnival; the Escadaria SelarΓ³n (Selaron Steps); PΓ£o de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain), where you have this amaaazing panoramic view of the city and finally we stopped by the Havaianas store in Copacabana.

We also had a nice lunch at this place just in front of the Selaron Steps, if you want to check it out.

There was only two places where we had to pay to get in: Christ (41 Reais that day because it was a Saturday, usually it’s cheaper) and the Sugarloaf (80 Reais). But I mean, they are worth it! If you come to Rio you definitely cannot miss those places!

It was only my second time in Brazil, first I went to SΓ£o Paulo and now Rio de Janeiro, and I can say that I do love this country!!

It is freaking beautiful, the people are sooo nice, so friendly, they make you feel at home and the food is great too, especially if you’re a meat lover ahah! It is definitely a place I want to come back to and for those of you out there that never went, please go! You will not regret it!!


Outfit details:

Romper and sneakers: Primark

Crochet top: Handmade by my grandma πŸ™‚