9 June 2017

This time I went for a boat party after we arrived to the hotel, around 14h/15h.

We were 12, plus the two boat drivers. Each of us paid either 1000 or 1500 Mauritian Rupees (can’t seem to remember how much exactly) and we got offered drinks and food. The drinks were there throughout the whole trip and the food was because we had some local people waiting for us, in some other side of the island, with a table full of chicken and fish, salads, bread and wine.

The boat was going so fast I thought I was going to die!! AHAH But really, it was just too much! Every time we hit a wave, I could feel like something was perforating my stomach! Glad I don’t get motion sickness, otherwise I wouldn’t have even survived for 2 minutes in there.

We stopped by this place after being 5/10 minutes on the boat and I got the chance to take some pictures. It had nothing around, except for trees and plenty of starfish in the sea. But the weather was nice; not too hot, and the view was beautiful!


After this we stopped by a waterfall. In the picture the water is showing a bit yellow/brownish but it was simply because of the rain. We’re in the middle of the rainy season here so it rains all the time. But then it stops. Exactly like it did today.

Here some of my colleagues were brave enough to jump from the cliff (on the right) to the water. I wasn’t.


The last stop was finally lunch (or an early dinner since it was already 17h). We had a table ready for us and some men were there grilling chicken and fish for us.

It’s funny cause it seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere, yet there was a full dinner table standing on top of the sand, just a few meters away from the sea. The same with the grillers. I don’t know how they did it… ahah


We got back shortly after, around 18h.

It felt a little scary some times, when I thought about it, that we were in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by water, for such a long time during the ride. Also, it was beautiful for all the same reasons!

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